The Team

Rohit Sringeri Founder and Chief Executive

Master of Business Administration from Manchester Business School-UK and Master of Architecture from McGill University, Canada, Rohit Sringeri carries with him over a decade of experience in creating business procedures, market and corporate standards, global marketing strategies as well as project delivery plans and guidelines in the field of real estate development, architecture and construction.

As a business management and strategic marketing expert, Rohit has helped several organisations in aligning their financial, marketing and operational plans keeping shareholders’ objectives in mind. His deft understanding of the market, experience in transforming businesses and competency at handling people have been integral to steering Maysons towards its vision. In Maysons, he plays the role of a torchbearer wherein he keeps the team aligned with the core mission at all times. As a leader, strategist and visionary, he is constantly working on moulding Maysons into becoming a pioneer in setting a new trend of contemporary Indian architecture in the real estate space.