The Story

Headquartered in Bangalore, we are a team of architects, consultants, craftsmen and thinkers with a simple vision of introducing contemporary Indian architecture - a wholesome integration of local and modern lifestyle in real estate. We are committed to infusing this vision into every project we get involved in; residential, commercial, institutional, healthcare, cultural, or recreational to name a few.

We believe that the best measure of growth and success lies beyond the balance sheet. It is best reflected in the contribution a company makes to the society and environment in which it thrives. Hence, we adapt our designs to the local environment. The local community to us is the most important stakeholder and everything we do, right from hiring local craftsmen to using traditional resources contributes towards building a holistic and sustainable environment.


Introducing a unique living experience by developing a trend of contemporary Indian architecture.


Our mission is to globalise local traditions and to localise global architecture. We do this by allowing every client to experience the luxury of unique lifestyle derived through a seamless integration of local culture with contemporary trends to make the built environment around them traditionally modern.